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Axe Making Course

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Course summary: Bring home your own hatchet / hand axe on this course, where an axe is forged from solid carbon steel. The course is suitable for beginners, though axe-making is the hardest of our courses – in terms of physical strength. If you have any issues with wrists or shoulders it is not recommended to sign up for this. Consider signing up for our blacksmithing taster course or some blade-smithing instead. Same process – smaller hammer!

Blacksmithing techniques: drawing out (tapering), spreading, punching, sets, forging of carbon steels, basic heat treatments.

Time: 9.00am – 6pm

Availability:  Due to mine-closures, rising fuel costs and other factors we have decided not to offer this axe-making course any more – so sorry! The remaining 2019 dates are 12 & 13 October and 10 November. If you wish to get your name on the cancellations list please click here

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This is a one-day course in practical hands-on axe making, specifically for the forging of axe heads. Arrival is at 9am, where Gunvor the tutor will introduce the forge. The participant’s individual work spaces as well as health & safety is covered. The correct use of the coke hearths involves how to maintain the fire. How to achieve the correct heat in the right place. The minimum and maximum heat ranges and their corresponding colors. To give you some insight into the working day of a full-time blacksmith Gunvor will usually fill you in as to what’s currently on at the forge. If you are interested in full-time education in the craft, you will get a chance to ask the tutor about this.

Axe Making

After the introduction it’s time to make an axe. There are several ways to forge an axe. Forging from solid carbon steel is hard work, but a good result is generally guaranteed. Other methods involve fire welding, a good skill to master, but a time-consuming technique to learn. The first part of the project involves making the eye of the axe head bigger using a drift. Next you work on the cheeks or lugs of the axe. Once complete, it’s time to set in using the fly press. This starts the off-set or slightly bearded axe type. The power hammer will take care of the blade-spread, or if you are feeling very fit you can do this by hand 🙂 Finishing touches involve thinning the blade and drifting the eye bigger from the top so it accommodates the handle as well as the wooden and steel wedges.

Heat Treatments

Forging complete it’s time to grind, file and sand. Then we do the heat treatments. We will use the coke-hearth for this three step process. It’s the same way a blacksmith would do the day to day hardening of tools without the use of gadgets – its back to basics! After the hardening is complete, its time to go home and temper the axe head in the oven. A pre-shaped hatchet handle and wedges are provided.

Think it’s too hard?

Axe-making is the hardest of our courses – in terms of physical strength. If you have any issues with wrists or shoulders it is not recommended to sign up for this. Consider signing up for our blacksmithing taster course or some blade smithing instead. Same process – smaller hammer!

Want to know more?

Why not travel to England and participate in a three day axe making work shop by Owen Bush. Or you can travel to Sweden and learn from the pro’s at Granfors Bruk. Both come highly recommended.

4 reviews for Axe Making Course

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cliff Wayenberg (verified owner)

    For a number of years, the idea of making something in a blacksmith forge appealed to me. Having watched several videos on youtube on the subject I decided to go for it and booked this course. 6 likeminded people listened eagerly to Gunvor’s expert instructions and began heating our lumps of metal before bashing the living daylights out of it. Slowly but surely it started to resemble something remotely looking like an axe. Ray Mears would be proud.
    The atmosphere was fantastic and after a long day, each of us were beaming with a smile from ear to ear holding our axe heads.
    Thanks for a truly memorable experience that will stay with me forever!

    Cliff Wayenberg http://www.walkingholidayireland.com

  2. admin

    Thank you kindly Cliff! 😀

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Scott macbride (verified owner)

    wow……. i just sat the Axe course 2 weeks ago and i must say it was so amazing. a truly fantastic day with a great bunch of people and as always Gunvor did an amazing job at teaching, helping, mentoring and bailing us out when things didn’t quite go to plan. i sat all of the courses now and i must say they are all so different and a great INTRODUCTION to blacksmithing that leave you wanting more
    thanks Gunvor you rock

  4. admin

    Aw – thanks Scott !

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brandon McLean

    Absolutely amazing time! My wife and I were quite sore the next day, it is a workout, let me tell you, but we had an absolutely great experience from start to finish. I love my axe, it is absolutely going on the wall. 🙂

  6. admin

    Thanks so much Brandon, I’m glad the pain was worth it! 😀

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    David Hynes

    Brilliant course – I’d highly recommend it. Gunvor really took care of us where needed and then let us work by ourselves aswell – She struck a really good balance. 10/10

  8. admin

    Many thanks David – much appreciated! 🙂

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