Sculpture Gallery

Hare. Mill Cove Gallery Commission 2016. Forged Cor-ten steel. Height 1m.

Nest. Irish State Collection 2016. Bronze. Height 1m.

Bird Bath. Department of Foreign Affairs Art Collection 2012. Forged bronze. Height 1.1m

Bird. Sculpture in Context 2017. Forged bronze, height 1.9m.

Arc. Exhibition Vanishing Arts 2017. Forged bronze, height 1.6m.

The Saint Patrick - for Peace in Ireland 2016. Commission from the New York City Saint Patrick's Day Foundation. Forged bronze. Height 35cm. Read more...

Herding Bull. Craft Council of Irelands permanent collection 2012. Forged iron. Height 30cm.

In Memory. National Crafts Awards, 1st prize, Royal Dublin Society 2011. Steel and bronze. Height 57cm.

Delicate Little Blossom. Exhibition CRUX 2017, height 55cm.

Big Fish. Exhibition CRUX 2017. Forged Cor-ten steel, height 1.3m.

Cantilever. OPW 2010. Steel. Length 2m.

Invictus. Private collection 2014. Steel and bronze. Height 30cm.

Canoe. Private Collection 2012. Bronze.

Nevermore. Private collection 2012. Bronze and bog-oak.

Curlew. Private collection 2012. Bronze

Gingko leaf water sculpture. Private commission 2017. Bronze and copper.

Rectangle Variation with Eyes. 2017. Corten steel and bronze, height 179cm.

Man and Boat. Exhibition CRUX 2017. Steel, height

Memory Farm. 2017. Corten steel and bronze, height 170cm.

VW. 2013. Steel and stainless steel, height 35cm.

Natal Homing. Exhibition CRUX 2017. Steel and bronze, height 80cm.

Fish. The Mill Cove Award 2015. Forged steel, height 75cm.

Quill. 2016. Bronze and cast iron, height 30cm.

Secateurs. 2016. Bronze and steel, height 38cm.

Forged Rose


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