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Blade Smithing Course


Course summary: Blade smithing / forging of one layer knife blades. If you would like to make a good knife blade of your own design, spend a day blacksmithing and get an insight into practical heat treatments, this is the course for you.

Blacksmithing techniques: drawing out (tapering), spreading, scrolling, sets, bevels, forging of carbon steels, heat treatments

Time: 9.00am-6pm

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This is a one-day course in practical hands-on blade smithing, specifically for the forging of knife blades. Arrival is at 9am, where Gunvor the tutor will introduce the forge. The participant’s individual work spaces as well as health & safety is covered. The correct use of the coke hearths involves how to maintain the fire. How to achieve the correct heat in the right place. The minimum and maximum heat ranges and their corresponding colors. To give you some insight into the working day of a full-time blacksmith Gunvor will usually fill you in as to what’s currently on at the forge. If you are interested in full-time education in the craft, you will get a chance to ask the tutor about this.

Blade Smithing

After this introduction the blade smithing project quickly gets on the go. Its time to sketch your desired blade-type onto ‘blacksmiths paper’ (a rusty sheet). You will use this as a reference for the day. Next you will get a piece of carbon steel bar to fit your chosen blade. Your own hammer and anvil – and away you go – it’s time to get blade smithing! The hot forging part of the blade will continue to lunch time at 1pm. Certain types of blades will need more time to finish, this could take until 3-4pm.

Heat Treatments

After this its time to grind, file and sand. Once complete the heat treatments will take place. We will use the coke-hearth for this three step process. Its the same way a blacksmith would do the day to day hardening of tools without the use of gadgets – its back to basics! After the hardening is complete, it will be time to sharpen your blade. Handle making must be done at home, so that’s another days work…

Any Questions?

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More Anvil time?

If you would like more time at the anvil – perhaps consider signing up for our blacksmithing taster course instead.

Want more theory?

If you are thinking of going into blade-smithing on a professional level and for a more in depth program of the theory of heat treatments – UK blade-smith Owen Bush’s courses come highly recommended: www.owenbush.co.uk


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